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We Aren't Far From Being Savages

     Hello everyone! As usual, I've been keeping up with my reading. I've read at least 30-45 minutes outside of class for leisure. I've gotten into the genre of mystery, which I haven't really focused on in a long time. Recently I read Lord of the Flies by William Golding and I loved it! It was a recommended title on the AP book list and I had heard many good things about it from my friends, so I decided that I might as well read it now. 
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     Lord of the Flies is one of those novels that makes you take a step back and get a good look at humanity today. This novel really opened my eyes to the chaos and violence that we, as humans, create on a daily basis. This novel takes place on an unknown island where a group of boys is stranded. These boys are then seen trying to adapt to their new life on the island, hoping to eventually be rescued. As the boys continue to live and find their way on the island, some of them start hearing the voice of the Lord of the Flies (which is a symbolization of the devil or an evil voice), who tells them to do inhumane things that eventually lead to intense chaos. Later, some of the boys become savages because they don't know any other way to be civilized and survive, simultaneously, while the rest try their best to stay organized and live until the rescue day. As the novel goes through the adventures the boys face on the island, the readers get to see the boys let go of their humanity and turn wild. 
     In the novel, one part that intrigued me was when the boys came to realize that it was humans that were messing up each other, not the world or the animals in the world. In the middle of the book, one boy named Ralph, who was one of the only ones intent on staying sane and normal, came to the realization that, "'Maybe there isn't a beast...maybe it's only us'" (70). This realization dawned on me at this same time in the novel, too. As I hear about all the violence in the world, such as the continuous persecution of Christians in Syria, I realize that humans are the true beasts. To be able to take the lives of innocent people for their different, inferior religion shows the lack of empathy and barbarity inside of us. Even in our daily lives, we are overcome by evil and temptations that tempt us to turn off our humanity. We are easily influenced by negative people and thoughts. We allow the anger or darkness inside to take over our sanity, eventually choosing insanity over sanity. Similarly, the boys in the novel choose to listen to the Lord of the Flies' influences to do something totally inhumane and out of their right minds. The Lord of the Flies is seen throughout the novel getting inside the boys' heads and forcing them to choose insanity over their sane minds. Sometimes, after a fight with my brother over something useless, I sit and contemplate why the fight actually even started. When I do think about the reason for the fight, I realize that there really wasn't a need for any of the actions that caused us to become angry with each other. Most times, we forget to use sympathy and rationality to make good decisions. Instead, we use our primitive nature of putting one's own survival over others. It was just my vulnerability to temptations that made me start up a fight and act uncivilized with others. 


  1. I like your usage of that quote and how you connected the real time to the story. I completely agree with your argument because persecution for the people's difference is wrong and shouldn't be done between one another.

  2. I thought Lord of the Flies was a very insightful book as it illustrated how humans act when in fear. Your quote, "Maybe there isn't a beast... maybe it's only us", is one of my favorite quotes from the book as it is the realization of the beast, not on the island, but of the beast inside all of us.


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