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Once Upon a Time There Was Me

Hello readers!

I'm Athira Dominic, a fellow avid reader. I'm from Texas and I go to Hebron High School. As a reader, I indulge in the various genres of fantasy, mystery, romance, dystopian, and science fiction. I've been reading ever since I was able to read. I still remember the pleasant and peaceful days in Kindergarten and 1st Grade where I would drag my parents to the library and check out around 40 books each week. I would bring them home and lay them out on my couch, ready to start my day of nonstop pleasure reading. In elementary school, I happily read through the whole Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan,The Babysitter's Club, the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, and Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (the mysteries of an elementary school Nancy Drew). As I venture out into delicious novels to try, I'm going to set the goal of reading at least 15 books by the end of this school year. I promise to myself that I will try my very best to read at least 2…
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The Devil in the White City: Fair Underway

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As you all should know, I'm still reading the Devil in the White City and I'm going to be reading it for a while because that's what our blog project says to do. Anyways. In the 40 some pages I read this week, the Chicago World Fair project was slowly building up its landscape and putting in the foundations for some of the rides and themed buildings. Now, the book is fast-paced and leading up to the official opening of the fair and the murders that would occur. The author does a great job explaining all the events that occurred during the construction process and how it would influence how the fair would turn out and how long it would take to be fully successful. Some things I wondered about during the story was how the buildings would be developed to hold up in strong weather and long, weary years in the future and how each architect's and…

The Devil in the White City: River Flow Changes and Fire Hydrants

I'm back with some more deep thoughts of The Devil in the White City regarding what we are taught in APUSH. And, yes, I am still reading it and haven't given it up. Currently in the novel, many new architects have been introduced into the Chicago World Fair Project and Holmes is on his third love affair and murder. So far, the book is very detailed about the construction that is underway and its expenses and that makes me very disinterested in the storyline. But, the parts of the story where Holmes is seen disguising his business to seem like it's not a place of affairs and homicides is very intriguing to read about. A few questions I have about the book are: How can what happens to the population of Chicago have a lasting impact on the World Fair being constructed? How is the police not knowing about the daily disappearances of people who meet Holmes or interacts with him?. As I read throughout the 40 pages for this week, I learned that the police force in C…

The Devil in the White City: A Foundation Died When Construction Began

Hear ye! Hear ye! Welcome back to my APUSH blog!

Don't worry, buddies, I am still reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It is turning out to be a pretty good story. I'm anticipating the murders at the fair, but first the fair has to be built for the murders to occur. Obviously.


The Devil in the White City  was a very intriguing book, as it showed me the life of the individuals during that time period and location in America, where the main struggles were diseases and disappearances of the people. As usual, while I was reading, I noted down some very thought-provoking questions: Why does the location of a monument or public space infrastructure affect the success of it and influence people's decisions on whether or not it was worth visiting? How does the men's view of women and their career change in this time period in America?. Though these questions were a little vague and general for the storyline, I felt that aspects of these questions were…

The Devil in the White City: Beginner's Planning and Serial Killer's Backstory

I had decided to continue reading The Devil in the White City, written by Erik Larson, and now I’m about a quarter into the novel. It is getting pretty interesting. Currently in the novel, the architects, Burnham and Root, have made a plan for the Chicago World Fair and are gathering builders to construct it, while a mysterious man named Holmes is being introduced into the storyline as the future serial killer of the Chicago World Fair. The book is keeping me on my toes because I have no idea how the two architects and the serial killer would have their stories connect. As I was reading, I wondered how important architecture really was in the era of the novel for them to have cornerstone ceremonies and to what extent the rich and elite were influential in their communities. It interested me that there were many steps in the process to build an architectural piece in that time period, as communication was very limited to local regions and factors of location and resources/money neede…

The Devil in the White City: Rising Again Through Chicago's World Fair

                                                  Burnham Reliance Building Construction

In the time period of the book, many nations would show their power through their expensive and massive tourist attractions (architecture). In the novel, the World Fair in Chicago of 1893 was created in response to the creation of the Eiffel Tower in France, Paris. With renovation projects for the

The Unholy and Hidden

Hey peeps! I’m baaaaack! *with creepy singsongy voice*
When my English teacher asked me on the first day of school, “How much have you been reading over the summer?” I replied, “Ummm... well... I read a little every day”, while in my head, I had thought, “I read the subtitles off the Netflix episodes I had been binge-watching since day one of summer”. I did read a little during the summer (I swear I’m not a bad reader), but I haven’t read as much as I used to when I didn’t have a phone or Netflix to dawdle on. Since school began, I have been reading about 35 minutes every day: 20 minutes during independent reading time at school and 15 minutes at midnight (when I have nothing else to do). I try to challenge myself by reading from various genres that I usually don’t read from during my leisure time, like historical fiction and science fiction. Once I invest in a good book, there is no stopping me from finishing it within a couple days because I can read about 100 pages in 20 minutes. Cu…

We Aren't Far From Being Savages

Hello everyone! As usual, I've been keeping up with my reading. I've read at least 30-45 minutes outside of class for leisure. I've gotten into the genre of mystery, which I haven't really focused on in a long time. Recently I readLord of the Flies by William Golding and I loved it! It was a recommended title on the AP book list and I had heard many good things about it from my friends, so I decided that I might as well read it now. 
Lord of the Fliesis one of those novels that makes you take a step back and get a good look at humanity today. This novel really opened my eyes to the chaos and violence that we, as humans, create on a daily basis. This novel takes place on an unknown island where a group of boys is stranded. These boys are then seen trying to adapt to their new life on the island, hoping to eventually be rescued. As the boys continue to live and find their way on the island, some of them start hearing the voice of the Lord of the Flies (which is a symboliz…